Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dont say you love me cause it'll drive me crazy .

Hello readers , havent been updating this past few days cause i'm kinda lazy , so yeah .
Had a parent meeting session last friday for all the sec twos and it end kind of late for me . Aww , worst of all is that Dm and VP had issues with my attire , god dammit . But luckily daddy dont give them a damn , oh well . Love my dad to the max , he's been siding me all the whiles . Wheneven Dm and Om tries to say anything bad about me , daddy will give them fucking lots of rubbish jokes . Had to go back to school yesterday to help the teachers out , same for wifey . After that , we went to Cine and watch The Big Momma . Anyway , it's funny to the core . I kept laughing in a stupid manner which made wifey laugh even hard . Haha ! I've no idea why i did that but it just came out from my mouth . Wifey stayed over at my house yesterday as she dint want to go home . And fuck my life , my right lip peircing was infected . And it swell a little , not very obvious . Phew , :) . Wanted to go bugis but my lazy-ness stopped me , sigh . Anyway , we slept from 2300 to 1447 today , bathed my rabbits and then used computer till she went home just now at 9 :) .

; And i was wondering , why am i thinking of you all the times ?!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Whenever there's love , there's got to be pain .

Hi loves :) .
Sorry for not blogging these two days . Was kind of sick uhr , slept from around 6pm to 0530am due to headache , sigh . Wifey came over to my house yesterday and we slept from 7pm plus to 11am and then headed to macdonald after bathing for breakfast .

Yesterday ,
Went to macdonald with Jovita after school dismissal at 1230 . Was with her only cause my beloved wife have cca straight after that , so we thought of spending time there till 2:30 which Jovita's cca starts . Just because of  us wanting to see our ahem(s) , we walked to mac . Like what the fuck , we walked the whole big round just to see them . After that , we walked to side gate cause i wanted to see HIM at the basketball court . Suaysuay see Mr Lim and OM(S) there , so we ran back . As we turned back , there Mr Wilson Tay is , staring at the both of us . So we hide behind a door , where i was sort of molested by Jovita HAHAHA . After all this dabian , we finally reached the mac - under the fucking hot sun . It's like the first time i sweat so much . After eating half way , it rained and it was like so superduper cold inside which makes me shiver like fuck . Ohya , we so called scam the mac drinks for the third time :B . Cause i always take the drinks first and then leave the tray for my honeys to take so that i wont look like a retarded , i took our drinks back first . ( Greenteas .) The cashier thought they've forgotten about our drinks and gave us again LOL , that was the first time . And for yesterday , we scammed three drinks - 2 cokes and one greentea , teehee :B . Received a call from wifey - she got kicked out of her CCA , :( . Nevermind , anyway i was waiting for her to quit so that we can join the same cca ♥ .  After eating , we went back to school to find her , and then saw Mr Wilson Tay again and we had fun disturbing him . He was fucking bhb , saying how cute he is -.- . Okay whatever , Jovita skipped cca until at around 2:45 when Weifan came in the picture . *Stares ' Why are you here ? You told me that you're going for NCC and why are you here now ? Do you know that I've been waiting for you since 2:30 ? You scammed my feeling . ' And all sorts of shit came out , we ( Sherlyn , Wifey and Jovita ) stared at each other and try not to laugh . HE THOUGHT HE TEACHER SIBO : | Jovita was caught by DuaNehOng - Miss Ong cause she's one of the teachers in charge i guess .
Had fun with Wifey , Jovita , Sherlyn and Sebastian so fucking much yesterday . Awww i love you guys ♥ HAHA .

Simplicity ♥ .

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I'm going to smile like nothing's wrong .

Hi readers :) ,
Today rocks as our beloved VicePrinciple aren't here for assembly ♥ . Din't see him for the whole day , i miss his blacky-ness , aww . Okay , whatever . I flunk all my papers , as in those i've gotten them back . Ohmygawd , i guess i'm gonna flunk everything . I even failed my Chinese like seriously for the first time , fuck my life manymany -'- .
And before we assemble in the hall at 0815 , i was on my way to the hall . And guess what , he's like only right beside me omoo [ NOT VP FYI .]. Obviously i blushed and ran in when he turned over and saw me . Aww , i miss him already hahaha ♥ . Okays , i'll have to admit - i fucking miss him now :( ! After assembly , i was called to go for counselling , and it's about one hour long , poor me . All thanks to Miss Goh for catching my attire and saw my multilations . She complained to VP that's how i gotten into counselling . Nevermind actually , it's like not my first time HAHA . Went to mac with wifey and then headed to my house after the counselling . Was making nestingbox for my rabbit . Yeah she's pregnant and is going to give birth soon . Awww , i'm looking forward to the day when her babies' out ♥ teehee . 

; Falling in love with you is beyond my control ♥ .

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I wished that i could tell you what's on my mind .

Hello babes ♥ . Another new blog was created due to boredom , how pathetic right ? Uh huh , i've been spending dont know how long on this shitty blog which i've neglected my girlfriends , sorry honeys ♥ !

Today was awesome for my beloved girlfriend Jiayi ♥ ,  congratz on your relationship with him and of course , last long babe ! Must thankiew me for today alrights , teeheee . And sorry for the arguement we had the last few days , but we still manage to ' patch ' back uh ♥ . Duibuqi lahr , promise wont happen again already ogeys . I know you very the touched when you see this post , dont cry i sayangsayang ogeys , lovedieyou hee :B .
Okay , i swear Mdm Lim is like a piece of shit , S.H.I.T , get it ? Everytime catch my skirt like she's nothing better to do like seriously . '' Mikooooooooo , pull down your skirt . Nonono , abit more >.> , it's still too short . I know still got one more layer okay dont make me pull it down for you . " Argh , like whatever . She likes to touch me so fucking much regrading me folding my skirt . Like there's nothing wrong please , :< ! Aww whatever i hate her for not letting me and Jiayi go toilet just now , if not can see HIM already . Faggots luhr , i flunk almost all my subjects , and i can even fail my higher mother tounge , wtv ! I shall stop here , bye peeps !

At least i get to see him for quite a few times , hmms . ♥